Our Expertise

Property Development

Dolmen Group is known for its selection of distinguished architects, celebrated interior designers, and seasoned building contractors who work diligently to develop every project from the conception to completion stage. Dolmen is a nationally acclaimed real-estate developer of premium corporate towers and prominent shopping malls. Dolmen has set new standards in the real-estate industry and has earned a stellar reputation for its dedication and development of superior quality Projects, distinguished by sophisticated design, gracious floor plans, and world-class amenities.
Dolmen pays utmost emphasis in each of its projects, including building designs and infrastructure, to create a look and feel that reflects its aspiration and intent to be the number one real-estate developer of the Country. The entrepreneurial approach employed towards each project is our essential ingredient that helps us to maintain the speed and flexibility necessary to succeed in today’s competitive arena.
For Dolmen, every project is unique and offers its own hidden potential. Dolmen explores every aspect of a project that is necessary to make it a successful development and maximize the asset’s value for greater returns.