Our Expertise

Property Management

Dolmen Group’s Property Management Division offers its managerial services for commercial and private real estate properties. Providing the best property management and facility services is the significant aspect that has enabled Dolmen to deliver its landmark projects thus far. We apply industry-leading processes and best practices, acquired over years of property development and management experience, and tailor them to fit the specific needs of each client.
In addition to the Group’s stellar reputation in the field of property development, Dolmen’s name is synonymous with the Country’s best real-estate facility management company and is renowned for its complete range of dedicated property and project management services.
The company empowers its clients and maximize the value of their assets by providing the expert insight, combined with proven expertise and resources in the realm of facility management and maintenance, by employing state-of-the-art equipment and international best practices. With a dedicated team of over 750 skilled personnel, we provide a complete range of project management solutions to assist our clients.